Laws of Physics have changed

I am a huge fan of science fiction. I think the movies and television shows are all fun to watch, whether based on real science or what they refer to as Fringe Sciences. This one show titled FRINGE is actually produced by J.J. Abrams who also happens to be the Director of the recent Star Trek and Mission Impossible films. Everyone gives up to the temptation of earning some extra cash at some point and Abrams did too by producing Fringe, which even in my opinion is a little absurd because it doesn’t really portray the actual progress or the trajectory of progress in the future of science.

The show wasn’t as bad in the beginning and had some interesting stories, and proof of this was the fact that they gained over ten million committed viewers only in the US. But that was then. Now the show is full of extremely hackneyed story lines which portray the human brain as an old model 486 computer. They act as if programming the brain and manipulating the data is the easiest thing in the world and the Fringe world is mainly composed of humans who have the ability to defy laws of physics because they were the subjects of some dim-witted scientific experiments in the past.

Let me just say here that this article isn’t supposed to be a critical review of an American TV show. And before it takes that turn, allow me to come right to the point. Fringe Science is more commonly called Pseudo Science and although even the name of the show itself suggests it is created in a universe where the laws of physics are not the same as the universe we are part of even they had to explain the notion in the form of dialogues spoken by the full-blown mad scientist character Dr. Walter Bishop. According to his explanation, the laws of physics had somehow been altered by a certain group of Observers (the main antagonists of the show) who seem to have entered their universe to manipulate their timeline.

Ever since the news about Agha Waqar’s claim to invention of water kit for cars hit our broadcast and print media, I have consistently been wasting grey matter arguing with people about it. I mean I get that a common man who has no former schooling wouldn’t know much about science and is prone to believing anything he likes, but what is rather tragic, and amusing at the same time, is how people like Dr. A.Q. Khan, the Chairman PCSIR Shaukat Parvez and Samar Mubarakmand have been responding to this fraud. So here is the proverbial point: If Agha Waqar can call himself a scientist then I, for one, should be regarded as an even bigger scientist. Allow me express my views.

Even though it may seem we are part of the same universe, in effect we are actually not even close. We are someplace I would like to call the Fringe Point, which separates us from the rest of the universe. And as a result, our leaders fail to understand what the international community demands from us, and though we write the same date as the rest of the world, our people constantly overlook the fact that we have progressed to the 21st century. A problem that, of course, comes with challenges. Time in this assumed fringe point goes back instead of forward. The rest of the world thinks we are joking when a Pakistani tries to explain to them what load shedding is. Slowly but surely, the fringe point is moving further away from the rest of the world. In my opinion, this is the only theory that justifies our behavior.

Agha Waqar’s water kit invention is just as much of a possibility as a bhang kit for a helicopter. All we have to do now is to wait for Dr. Ataurrahman to let us know that “the laws of physics have indeed changed in Pakistan.” Bhang anyone?


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