In Pursuit of Better Tomorrow

It’s not corruption as Imran Khan sums it up. It’s not liberalism also termed as bay-hayaee as Munawwar Hassan thinks, it’s not entirely the intrusion of army in political affairs as Nawaz Sharif sums it up and it’s definitely not the subversive attitude of supreme court alone, as Asif Ali Zardari would like to think. It is maybe all of the above and none of above mentioned problems at the same time. But what none of our leaders know or maybe knowingly ignore is the root of our nation’s predicament – “the lack of sensibility” among our people. This lack of sensibility provides a delightful atmosphere for the corrupt politicians, far-right religious groups, army and biased judiciary to exploit people the way they want and get the maximum benefit from them.

There are two ways of putting “sensibility” inside the countless number of heads in our society. The most effective approach would be to re-write a more intellectually rich education syllabus. The kind of syllabus which reflects our real history and not a distorted picture of it, written with objectivity and sensibility that not only glorifies our achievements in history, but also has tales of our failures.

The other is actually not a way, but a wish, if ever come true, might change this society for good, and that is the need for a genuinely honest and intelligent Reformer. We lack the true abilities of a Gandhi-like reformer, not only in the present day leaders but also the leaders this country has got in the past. It is so sad that when we hear about Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela, we get to hear or read some astounding words of wisdom which shaped the ideology of our nation, while our history is only filled with names or pictures of some feudal lords and Nawabs who hardly said anything intelligent. Allam Iqbal, is the closest figure to a Reformer who shaped the ideology of our nation, his role in India’s partition becomes questionable when one goes through some controversies which surround Iqbal’s personality and intellect.

Hoping that someday our country will be blessed with a Reformer is both impractical and overly optimistic expectation from a society which has embraced all kinds of insanities a modern and sane society could reject. In such scenario, expectation from an average IQ political leader to bring some radical and effective changes to our education system would sound more practical for an expectation.
Our society is turning itself into a savage beast, and although the outside world which is more civilized will always find a way to defend themselves from the viciousness of this beast, but riding on the back of this brute might confirm our own destruction. In many ways it has already reached its obliteration point.

Sociology is given the status of Science for a reason. Many societies and nations in past have reached its doom in the same kind of situation our society is facing. More than anything else, conservative ideas such as bigotry, desensitization of people, authoritarianism, dominance of clergy and imposition of religious ideas in the affairs of state are responsible for human suffering in this world. And a more perfect world could be perceived only if we purge all such orthodox beliefs that stand as a hurdle in our intellectual, sociological, scientific and economic growth. Only maximum personal freedom can unleash the depths of true happiness, and such self-actualization is only achievable with the implementation of a more objectively written education syllabus.


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