I’m a struggling film maker and writer. I worked with several Producers and production houses, such as Zeba Bakhtiar, Saad Bin Mujeeb, Faisal Quraishi (ufone) in Karachi and Salmaan Peerzada in Lahore. I wrote the script for closing ceremony of the 6th Kara Film Festival and also directed a show for Geo TV’s Special Projects II called “Gadgets and Gizmos”. I joined Salmaan Peerzada’s The Tell-Tale Heart as production-in-charge in the year 2009 after I tried my hand on a sitcom’s pilot episode as Producer, Writer and Director, but the sitcom wasn’t aired on any channel as they believed it is too much westernized – in my opinion it wasn’t.

I love to read, watch movies and TV serieses. I’m a huge fan of science fiction and also love to study about Futures. An agnostic by belief, and an anarchist/libertarian.
I think and observe and love to express myself. Started several blogs in the past, but couldn’t continue because of many hurdles but had to start this new blog for a fresh start.


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